Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Penny Auction Software Mobile Apps

Summary of our Penny Auction Mobile Apps.  We are happy to announce that we finally got our penny auction mobile apps approved by both Android and Apple.  Once again, we were the first North American company to successfully develop and launch the PAS software and now the one and the only mobile penny auction app that is commercially available to auction companies to offer it to their customers.   CONTACT US NOW!


Q. Can I just purchase just the mobile app without the website?

  1. No.  Because it goes hand in hand together.  

Q. Is having a mobile app for my penny auction required?

  1. No.  The website is required but a mobile app is an option.

Q. What is the difference between the mobile app and the website?

  1. To put it in the simplest term, the mobile app is the “lean and mean or the skim down” version of the website that the bidder can conveniently use to bid using their mobile app.

Q. What is the process of having my own penny auction mobile app?

  1. These are the typical steps that we would take:

    1. Setup your penny auction website

    2. Build your mobile app as an extended version of the website

    3. Wait for the Android Store and Apple Store to approve

    4. Your customers can download from the App stores to use.

Q. What is the cost and timeline required for a mobile app?

  1. Cost & time is varied depending on what you would like your app to do.  However, the minimum man-hours required to build and set up a mobile app for Android is 20 man ($1,500) and 33 man-hours for Apple ($2,500).  

Q. How long would it take to have the app be approved by Android and Apple stores?

  1. For Android, it can be as quick as a few days to a few weeks and for Apple, it can be as quick as a week to a month.

Q. Where can I download a penny auction mobile app?

  1. Go to www.savebigauction.com and download it for free.  Keep in mind that your penny auction mobile apps may not be the same as this one since you may have different requirements but overall it gives you an idea of what it looks like.

Q.  One account can work for both Mobile apps and the website?

  1. YES!

Some of the Penny Auction Mobile App Screens.  CONTACT US NOW!

Live Auction Items

Sold Auction Items

Bidder Account Info

Bid Packages

Bidder’s Avatars

Bidder Account Options

Private Branding 

Graphic Interface Options

Purchase Options

Bidding Details

Acct. Quick Links

Bidding Interface